A Better Shave


When it comes to keeping the beard mowed down, I’ve always wet-shaved with a razor simply because electric shavers have never worked well for me, especially during our humid east coast summers.

I bought my first double-edged safety razor when those initial whispy whiskers popped out on my face at the ripe old age of sixteen. It served me well, with only the occasional nick or two if I was in a hurry. But like nearly everyone else, over the years I upgraded about once a decade at the prompting and promise of the smoothest and closest shave yet. I stopped upgrading, though, around the turn of the century (this one, wise guy) and stuck with the Gillette Sensor, because in my opinion the newer razors didn’t work as well. But like all things that get older, replacement parts get harder to find and that is now becoming true of cartridges for the Sensor.

So I tried a Fusion ProGlide again. Nope, still hated it. And I hated it doubly as much because the cartridges cost three to four dollars EACH, depending upon the quantity you buy. I’m sorry, but that’s just nuts.

And then recently I saw an ad for a NEW double-edged safety razor. It turns out I’m not the only one who has finally had it with Gillette’s gravy train. With another two minutes of research showing me that double-edged blades are about a dime apiece, I decided it was time for a throwback.

A little digging in my bedroom drawer resurrected my forty-six year-old Gillette Slim Adjustable Black Beauty. Yep, I always thought it was a quality thing and had saved it, and it was still good as new. As an added bonus, it has since become a sought after classic and is now worth fifty dollars on eBay! Try that in forty years with a plastic Fusion handle.

So two weeks ago, with a fresh supply of blades in hand, I gave myself my first double-edged shave in a very long time. Five shaves later I am still using it and don’t plan to stop. After forty years of research and marketing hype the new blades really don’t shave significantly better, but they do cost forty times more. For me, my old Slim Adjustable may take a bit more skill, but it certainly provides a much more satisfying shave.