A Modern Tragedy

With few exceptions, nearly every experience is easier and/or more enjoyable if we are fit and well-nourished. Whether we are playing, working, fending off disease, or surviving a disaster or accident, being in shape helps us both enjoy the good and cope with the bad, and can make the difference between an average or exceptional life, or be the deciding factor in whether we live or die. So why do so many of us choose to be slugs?

In ever-increasing numbers, today’s first-world human is a physical wreck. Modern life has gotten so easy as to nearly eliminate any activity that would cause us to perspire, and the majority of the food consumed is a nutritional nightmare. Most people have heard the expressions, ‘You are what you eat’ and ‘Use it or lose it’. Never have these been more relevant than today. The human body needs more than a greasy hamburger and carbonated sugar water to continually rebuild itself, and bones and muscles only stay strong through use.

The villain in all this seems to be our innate drive to make life more comfortable and to taste better. Madison Avenue, not giving a damned about our personal well-being, has turned that against us to make a profit, resulting in a population addicted to sugar, salt, soft chairs and TV, and we are suffering from a growing list of chronic lifestyle diseases with barely enough strength and energy to climb a couple flights of stairs.

If you aren’t happy with what you see in the mirror, you might consider another of my favorite expressions: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ ┬áNobody will fix this for us. It’s mostly our choice if we want to do it for ourselves, but the deeper we sink into the couch, the harder it will be to get out.